Enjoy Lower Rates with United Illuminating Electricity Shopping

People who have lived most of their lives in the New Haven and Greater Bridgeport areas in Connecticut are quite familiar with United Illuminating as their main utility company for the transmission, distribution and sales of electricity. Before the state’s energy deregulation law took effect in 2000, United Illuminating used to generate and distribute electricity in these areas.

After deregulation, the company was required to pass on and sell its power plants to new independent electric companies, while transmission and distribution remained regulated and under the management of United Illuminating. The default electricity rate is defined by the utility company and is the rate paid for by consumers who have not yet exercised their power to select electric providers.

While transmission and distribution rates remain constant under United Illuminating, consumers can take advantage of the competition on the generation side of their electrical bills. Companies compete for better market share by offering electricity rates much lower than the default rates from United Illuminating. Not knowing this means you’re paying the higher default rates and are missing out on great savings from your electricity bills.

Customers in the United Illuminating service area can save as much as 10 percent from their electricity bills if they exercised their power to choose and shopped around for competitive electric rates offerings from retail electric suppliers. United Illuminating has set a high default rate, an enticing fact that retail suppliers can compete on, thus attracting more players to enter the market. With more companies competing to get a better market share, the prices for electricity becomes more competitive and will most likely go down further.

So, if you’re in New Haven, Greater Bridgeport, and other areas under the service umbrella of United Illuminating, exercise your right to an electric choice and shop around to see for yourself the electricity rate offerings by the various retail electric suppliers in your area. Not only will you get rates much lower than the default rates from United Illuminating, you’ll get perks, bonuses and other goodies just by signing up and making the switch.