Texas Electricity

Knowing that you have the power to choose your retail electricity provider will be your first step in getting the full benefits from the deregulated energy market in Texas. But knowing your rights and privileges wouldn’t do you much good unless you take action, go out there, and shop for Texas electricity plans that will work with you and supply you with your needs.

One of the features of a deregulated electricity market is the presence of several players and electric companies competing for a piece of the Texas energy market pie. Each of these retail electric providers a wide variety of Texas electricity plans all designed to entice would be customers to sign up and avail of their services. That’s the beauty of a deregulated market – the increased competition means lower Texas electricity rates and better services.

But choosing the Texas electricity plans that will work for you is the question and you can begin by identifying your electricity needs. A permanent resident has different needs from a transient consumer. If you plan on staying permanently in a particular locality, a fixed rate Texas electricity plan locked in for a certain period, usually 6, 12, or 24 month periods, will be the best option for you.

If you’re a transient consumer such as a college student who will only be in a particular area for a short period, a prepaid or a flexible Texas electricity plan will probably work better for you. Such agreements with your electricity provider will allow you to easily cancel your service if you decided to move. You might be paying at higher Texas electricity rates with these plans, but the flexibility you can get will be more appropriate for you as a transient user.

Whatever Texas electricity plans you will use or a service program you will sign up with your retail electricity provider, choosing the plan that will work for you is a critical step that will allow you to take advantage of the benefits you can get from the deregulated energy market.