PPL electric utilities is the default electricity provider for several areas in Pennsylvania. PPL currently serves over 1.4 million customers in PA and it also owns and controls over 19000 megawatts of generating electricity in the United States. If you are serviced by PPL you can compare and switch your electricity supplier. To get started simply select your state and utility below.

A short history of PPL can be traced back to 1920 when the company was formed from a merger of smaller utility companies. While initially confined to certain parts of Pennsylvania for more than five decades, the deregulation procedure was a boost to its growth. The majority of PPL’s plants are based on natural resources – coal, oil and natural gas. With a horde of peaking plants and a large nuclear reactor in West Pennsylvania, PPL has the ability to sustain itself in contingencies – whether it is a price hike in electricity or there is an increase in its customer bank.

Roughly over 48000 miles of power lines are owned and maintained by PPL in central and eastern Pennsylvania. PPL can also boast of its low prices which have always been lower than the regional averages for Pennsylvania. The advanced metering system enabled them to store and manage usage data of customers for each hour. This information has been put to concrete use by the company to assess the different options that customers have; the options facilitate them to choose plans that reduce their electricity bills. PPL has been the forerunner of different schemes and ideas which have allowed them to score high marks from customers.