Power to Choose

When people who hear the term deregulated energy markets, the first thing that would come to mind is an electricity market that is not controlled by monopolies and serviced by several electric companies each competing for consumer attention. This is true in its most basic sense as consumers in a deregulated market have the power to choose their energy options – but the benefits they get from it does not end there.

Aside from getting cheap electricity rates when you exercise your power to choose retail electric providers, you also have the power to choose green energy options and take part in the global effort of conserving the environment and reduce the effect of harmful emissions caused by the production of electricity. The deregulated energy market made it possible for alternative energy providers to enter the marketplace and compete with fossil-fuel based energy producers. Previously, coal-fired or diesel-fuel fired power plants dominate the market but such power sources contribute heavily to greenhouse gas emissions that can harm the environment.

Alternative energy resources include biomass, geothermal, solar, wind, and other renewable sources that can produce electricity on a commercial scale. In a deregulated energy market, consumers have the power to choose retail electric providers marketing electricity produced from such alternative energy resources. You can also save in the process as you have the power to choose providers that offer the best power rates that would suit your budget.

Environmental consciousness has swept across the globe and the “in” thing nowadays is to go “green”. But exercising your power to choose green energy sources is more than just being “in” to current trends. Switching electricity providers is relatively easy but making a stand and choosing green energy to keep lights burning in your homes shows that you’re taking an active part in protecting the environment – and the future.