Philadelphia Electricity

If you live in Philadelphia you can compare and shop electricity rates and from several electricity companies serving the Philadelphia area. To provide reliable and cost effective services by constantly improving the infrastructure for Philadelphia County has been the primary objective of utility companies. With an investment of over four hundred million US dollars in the year 2009, PECO stands by its promise of electricity for the Philadelphia County.

Philadelphia Electricity

The investment in Philadelphia County has been done with the improvement of business electricity charges and a better electric savings in mind. The people opting to switch PA power will be able to choose the best scheme for their locality and get maximum returns for their usage.

With the Grays ferry substation getting expanded, circuit breaker replacement at Lombard substation and investment of over 1 million USD over various other distribution stations and infrastructure, PECO plans to provide customers with quick identification of problems and restoring service to the valuable customers of Philadelphia County.

With multiple sites having been identified for up gradation in the distribution infrastructure of Philadelphia County, PECO plans to expand and provide state of the art service to the community.