Understanding Pennsylvania Energy Rates

The utility rate caps that placed Pennsylvania energy rates at 1997 levels have expired last December 31, 2010. The cap was set in place by the Pennsylvania Electric Generation Customer Choice and Competition Acts that deregulated the state’s electricity market and gave consumers the power to select energy options and make their electric choice.

Expectedly, the immediate results of the cap expiration are increased electric bills since the price of electricity in the national market has risen tremendously over the years. Still, this freedom to select retail electric providers that offer competitive Pennsylvania energy rates goes in the favor of the consumer. You can literally shop around from energy providers that will give you competitive electricity rates that would work well with what you need.

This freedom to an electric choice can give consumers control over their electric bills as they can seamlessly switch to a provider that can give them the Pennsylvania energy ratesthat they prefer. You can also work with your electricity supplier in integrating green energy options with your choice. Going green through alternative energy resources can help you do your part in conserving the environment.

These suppliers can also offer different payment and rate plans to suit your preferences. If you want to remain flexible and not be tied down with long contracts, variable rate plans are available for you. If you want to better budget your energy consumption and costs, you can work with a fixed rate plan to ensure that you get the same Pennsylvania energy ratesfor the length of your agreement.

Aside from potentially cheap Pennsylvania energy rates because of increased competition in the market, consumers can also enjoy better customer service from electricity suppliers wanting to get a better share of the market. Not only that, the provider can throw in enticing perks and bonuses when you sign up or offer you great rewards after subscribing for a predetermined length of time.