Formerly known as Philadelphia Electric Company, PECO is now a subsidiary of the renowned Exelon Corporation. With its headquarters in Philadelphia, PECO boasts of being the largest electricity provider in Pennsylvania. Its customer base of 1.6 million people in southeastern Pennsylvania can be split up as 90% residential and 10% industrial.

A glimpse of the history of PECO will reveal that this corporation was formed in the late 19th century. Today, it has more than 2500 employees. Since the day of its founding, PECO has been the largest utility – operating and maintaining a network of 550 electric substations. PECO has established and maintained 21000 miles of transmission lines. The state Department of Labor and Industry has recognized PECO as the safest utility in the state. The several accolades that PECO has won include awards from the Energy Association of Pennsylvania and the American Gas Association.

The services that PECO provides and the quality of electricity that it delivers are typical of a company that has a hundred-year long history in the Greater Philadelphia region. This commitment has goaded PECO to invest more than $1.2 billion in operations and infrastructural development in the last five years. Enhancing the maintenance operations and system performance remains one of the most important factors in consideration for PECO; as is the case with other companies, PECO focuses on expanding its network and distribution systems.

PECO takes pride in claiming the use of the best technology for the benefit of its customers – real-time energy usage information and automated meter reading systems. It also employs smart energy meters which have an emergency response to storms. With these mechanisms under its sleeve, it comes to us as no surprise that PECO ranks number one in the nation’s investor-owned utility companies. Apart from the features that PECO has, this company can be identified as the safest utility corporation in the nation owing to its effective emergency-response systems and storm-readiness plans.

Apart from being the incumbent service provider in most parts of Pennsylvania, PECO has contributed over $7 million to non-profit corporations, educational institutions and health care. The company’s concern for nature and preservation of the environment has impelled it to lay the largest green roof in Pennsylvania on one of its office complexes. The switch from its diesel-engine driven cars to bio-diesel has given it wide recognition across the nation.