PA Power Switch- Pennsylvania Electricity

Consumers living in Pennsylvania can now compare and shop electric rates online. To get started simply select your state and utility below.

PA Power Switch was established by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) to help consumers make educated and informed decisions in the selection process for an electricity provider. Energy deregulation in Pennsylvania actually began way back in 1997 when the Electricity Generation Choice and Competitive Act was established and passed into law.

To ensure that no hassles and other issues are encountered during the transition from a utility monopoly to a competitive electricity market, price caps on rates were put in place and have expired last Dec 31, 2010. Despite years in the making, many people were still surprised why their electric rates suddenly changed so PA Power Switch provided the information and tools to educate people about these changes. People can even get better deals and savings from what their electricity provider is giving them according to the deals available in their locality and all this can be accessed through PA Power Switch.

With PA Power Switch, consumers can shop around for the best utility package from the various electricity companies competing for market share. People can use the information found in PA Power Switch to learn more about the different prices and rates companies are offering as well as information about special services, perks, rewards programs and other enticing deals. For people who are environmentally conscious, they can find information from PA Power Switch on how they can work with electricity providers that make use of green or renewable energy sources.