Norwalk Electricity Rates and Electricity Supplier Choices

Norwalk residents now have more reasons to benefit from cheap electric rates. A number of Norwalk electricity choices provide better rates to consumers who want to cut down their electricity expenses. There are several Norwalk electricity suppliers offering competitive rates, to get started simply select your state and utility below.

Norwalk electricity rates and Norwalk electricity providers

If I switch my Norwalk electricity supplier company how will my bill change? 
You will continue to get one bill from your utility. However the supply portion of your bill will change.

There are two sections on your electricity bill in Norwalk-

  1. Supplier Charges - are the Generation Service Charge (GSC) portion of your bill which your new electricity supplier will charge.
  2. Delivery Services - This portion of your bill will continue to be handled by CL&P or UI and this includes various distribution charges, transmission charges, etc.