The Role of Your Illinois Electric Company in a Deregulated Market

In Illinois deregulated electricity market, the incumbent full service electric monopolies like Ameren Illinois and ComEd unbundled and passed on their power generation plants to a new Illinois electric company or group of companies. They still maintain and operate the transmission and distribution infrastructure and set the Price to Compare where an Illinoiselectric company will base its rates on. Consumers can then exercise their power to select a retail electric supplier based their offered rates and additional services.

Whether your electricity requirements are for residential or commercial purposes, there is an appropriate Illinois electric company that can meet your needs. The rates for each of these types of applications have significant differences as the usage data in a commercial business establishment is different from that required in a home. An Illinois electric company would need to understand this usage data first, more so with commercial establishments in particular because of the multiple rate classes, before they can offer you a tailor made package.

Homeowners can now select a residential Illinois electric company from the few handful electricity providers already in operation. These companies offer sign up bonuses and other perks right from the start. The number of residential electric companies will continue to grow in a few years time so people can expect much higher competition and better electricity rates. It’s up to the homeowner to make an electric choice but it would be best to compare one retail provider from another and make their choice.

For commercial and business owners, they can work with an Illinois electric company that caters specifically for business owners and commercial establishments. Usually, the business owner should work with an energy consultant from the Illinois electric company or from a third party provider so they can conduct a better and more detailed analysis of your needs to help identify the best electricity rates and service packages that will fulfill your needs.