How can PPL customers save by switching their electric company?

PPL utilities have now launched Shopping for an electric generation supplier which could save money; this enables one to shop for a supplier based on needs and preferences. PPL Electric Utilities will supply as well as deliver the electricity to homes and businesses. "Price to compare" compares the monthly electricity use and lists all licensed suppliers serving that area which is offered by PPL .This service can be used to compare offers and potential savings from other electric generation suppliers. However, it is important for you to remember that the "Price to compare" does NOT represent your total electric bill; your bill also includes PPL Electric Utilities' charges for delivering your monthly electric service. Checking “Price to compare” periodically can help you in getting the best deal.

When they are shopping, customers should look at more than just the price. Saving money will depend on how much electricity is used and the price charged by the supplier. Some companies purchase energy from wind, solar or other green power generators. Customers who deal with them will pay higher rates, but help bring more green power into the grid. State law requires all companies operating in Pennsylvania to obtain at least 8 percent of their power from green sources.

Meanwhile, some companies require customers to enter contracts for one to three years and charge a fee for breaking the contract early. People expecting to move before then might want to deal with a company that does not require a time commitment. The customer can shift the company anytime provided that the agreement is kept in mind.

There are also the time-of-use pricing options recently approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission .This is another option for customers on how efficiently they spend the electricity other than the opportunity to save even more money by switching to another supplier. Because time-of-use prices differ throughout the day, customers have an opportunity to save money by shifting electricity use to off-peak hours when demand and prices are lower. The new options does not open space for competition between service providers but it defines better prices of using electricity and spend less by switching to a competitive supplier .

Customers who are still getting the electric supplies from the PPI directly are paying the highest electricity rates when compared to the others who get electric generator service from the other providers.  In some cases, it has been found that customers pay 20% more than what is available on the competitive market. Hence it is important for customers to understand the benefits of shopping or switching for supply or electric generation service. 

Customers can find the best deal they can for electricity supply but the earlier a person switches, the sooner they begin to save money in the New Year.”The Pennsylvania competitive electrical company market has provided a number of product options for electricity consumers, including low variable rates and peace of mind fixed rates. customers are discovering that there are significant savings available for taking measures to compare the prices of the various power distributors .This switching electrical companies educates people on the benefits of saving the wallet and money and our planet in conserving energy. To fulfill this goal, people can take time to find energy efficient products that are competitively priced to assist in one’s own energy conservation efforts.