How PECO customers can save money by switching?

PECO has been established as the largest investor-owned utility company in the state of Pennsylvania. It is a Philadelphia-based company, an electric and natural gas utility, subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. Not only is PECO known as the safest electric company, but customers registered with PECO can save a lot of money by signing up for the various schemes and rebates offered by them - both residential and business. There are simple ways to save energy and money by just being practical, and these factors have been incorporated by PECO resulting in all the energy and money saving schemes for customers. PECO lays down some general tips for people who are concerned about reducing their electricity bills.

  1. Use efficient lighting by replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs) which reduces energy consumption and also lasts longer thereby saving electricity and money.
  2. Use energy efficient electric appliances, mostly products of higher quality. Normally, old appliances, which are over eight or ten years old, tend to consume more energy.
  3. Use water carefully and efficient heating appliances.
  4. Move your Air-conditioning thermostat up 2 degrees -By doing so energy is consumed averagely than when the air conditioner is set to 1 degree or any other. Use of electronic devices which can monitor and control ACs and heaters ensure that energy is not wasted.
  5. Turn off electronic devices-Simply turning off your television, stereo, computer, fans, lights when you are not using will save a lot of money .
  6. Reuse & recycle-Recycling and re-using products like paper and bottles will help protect the environment and also save money. Recycle your office and household waste.

Other than these common household tips, PECO offers to recycle old appliances which have a reputation for guzzling energy. For instance, PECO recently launched an offer to pay $35 to recycle old refrigerators which sucks energy three times as a normal refrigerator. The company not only paid for your refrigerator but also hauled it away for free for responsible disposal. They had an additional offer for recycling old air conditioners along with refrigerators for which they offered $25.

PECO offers Smart Home Rebates on qualified appliances and HVAC equipment. All you have to do is to fill out the rebate form when you purchase your new washer, freezer or air conditioner at the store. If you attach it with your paid receipt and send it to the company, the company gives you a free rebate on your electricity bill in less than six weeks.

While PECO emphasizes on procuring energy-friendly appliances, it focuses on giving benefit reductions to people who use these appliances and enables them to further reduce their electricity bill by incorporating smart devices. For instance, the AC Smart saver is activated in the months of summer and focus on reducing the electricity bill during high usage. They also suggest the usage of CFL bulbs which last over 10 times longer than a regular bulb and save over 75% of electricity compared to conventional bulbs.