Making Your Electric Choice in a Deregulated Energy Market

Since the implementation of the deregulated energy market in several states like Texas and Pennsylvania, there have been much talk, debates, issues on the merits, or lack of it, of electricity deregulation. For many people, they don’t even have a clear idea of what deregulation and regulation means or how it affects them as consumers. Over the years useful information have circulated both offline and online, educating people about the deregulated energy market and how they can make their electric choice.

In its most basic sense, making an electric choice in a deregulated energy market means exercising your power to select energy options: whether choosing an electricity provider with the lowest rates or a provider that supports green energy resources. For many, the freedom to make an electric choice allows them to secure an energy rate that they are comfortable with for a particular duration of time. For others, these freedom means increase consumer protection by breaking free of the traditional power monopolies and moving into an era of renewed competition in the electricity market.

But is making an electric choice in a deregulated energy market really worth it? Those who are against deregulation argue that electricity rates in deregulated communities actually went higher than the national average. Proponents however, pointed out that these claims are not well-informed and very misleading in particular, as electricity rates depend on market prices and in many deregulated markets energy rates actually went down – even lower than municipality-owned utility rates.

For many however, they are content with the dynamic energy market and their freedom to exercise their rights to make an electric choice. The deregulated electricity market may not be perfect at this moment in several aspects, but consumers, lawmakers, and energy suppliers continue to seek refinements and improvements in the policies and processes that govern the deregulated market. One thing is certain though, gone are the days when consumers are at the mercy of electricity market monopolies – as the market where freedom to make an electric choice is now the norm.