Your Electric Choice and Cheap Connecticut Energy Rates

For more than ten years, the Connecticut electricity market has adapted a deregulated system. However, it only in recent years that consumers finally understood the benefits and switched to an alternative energy provider that gives them better or even cheaper Connecticut energy rates. Now, both residential and commercial consumers are exercising their power to choose electricity providers and are making the switch to a company other than the previous incumbent utility companies.

Before deregulation, there were only two utility companies generating electricity for the whole state and have dictated what Connecticut energy rates should be. When the deregulated market took off, these utility companies sold their power generation plants and maintained control of the transmission and distribution infrastructure. New energy market players emerged and took over where the utility companies left off.

So, the public would still get the same transmission and distribution services that’s why they will not encounter any disruption in their services when they switch providers. The difference is the level of competition among these companies which will eventually end up to cheaper Connecticut energy rates. If consumers don’t exercise their freedom to an electric choice, the incumbent utility companies will continue to provide electricity services but not necessarily at cheaper Connecticut energy rates.

The increased rate of consumers in the state that are making their electric choice is brought about by an increased awareness about the deregulated energy market. Many now understand that aside from more competitive Connecticut energy rates they can get from alternative electricity suppliers, consumers can make a choice based on the level of quality customer services these providers offer as well as the option to support providers that offer green power coming from alternative energy resources.

For those who have not yet made their electric choice, they may be missing out on substantial energy savings aside from the perks and rewards programs these electricity providers are throwing in just for signing up. The savings may not be big if you compare it on a monthly basis, but accumulating these savings for the year can be quite substantial. So, make your choice now!