Make Your Electric Choice and Get Cheap Electricity Rates in CT

Consumers living in Connecticut have a choice to select an electricity provider and shop for cheap electricity rates in CT. But what matters the most for consumers in Connecticut is that they can get cheap electricity rates in CT by exercising their rights to electric choice. If you are served by CLP, UI or any other retail electric provider you can shop and choose lower electric rates.

To get a better understanding on how consumers can enjoy cheap electricity rates in CT, one must learn the basics of what their electricity bills are telling them – aside from the price they have to pay on a monthly basis. About 60 percent of your monthly bill is charged by the electricity supplier while 40 percent is charged by the distribution company that owns your power lines and transmission cables.

If you do not specify a supplier, your account will go to your local utility company as a default which charges electricity prices that are higher than independent suppliers. By making an electric choice and choosing a supplier that offers cheap electricity rates in CT, you can have monthly bills that are lower than what you usually get – and this amount would really add up.

But cheap electricity rates in CT are not the only thing that you will get when you make an electric choice. There will be no disruptions in your electricity services when you switch suppliers as you will still get your electricity through the same transmission and distribution company. The difference lies in the types of services, package offerings, payment schemes, discounts and other perks that consumers can get after making the switch.

Cheap electricity rates in CT is now made possible because of the intense competition in the electricity market, particularly with the entry of several independent retail suppliers in the market – all vying for a piece of the electric pie. These companies compete by offering cheap electricity rates in CT to consumers and at the same time provide a higher level of customer service.