Tips and Techniques: Getting Cheap Electric Rates in Connecticut

People who know how to get cheap electric rates in Connecticut understand that the key to truly getting the full benefits from such arrangements is to switch their electric company carrier – to someone giving better quality services and cost-effective rates. Since the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control implemented deregulation of the state’s electricity market, consumers have enjoyed their power to select electric retailers – and get cheap electric rates as well.

Connecticut consumers during the summer who switched electric providers learned how not to dread electricity bills, which were often enveloped with fears of jacked up prices due to prolonged use of air conditioning. Many came to realize that they can actually enjoy cheap electric rates in Connecticut in this deregulated electric market.

Now, that winter is fast approaching, the usual consumer expectation is increased electric bills mostly attributed to winter heating. But in a competitive market atmosphere, people have the option to choose which provider can give the best rates possible and the best in services as well.    

The Benefits of a Deregulated Energy Industry
The Connecticut electricity market was deregulated in October 2006, over 250,000 residential and commercial electricity users have switched to a local independent electric supplier. These suppliers provide cheap electric rates in Connecticut in order to compete with other electric providers. The old monopoly in the electric market is gone and consumers can save anywhere between $1000 to $2500 a year from their electric bills and it would depend largely on the electric provider they choose.

Aside from the obvious benefit of getting cheap electric rates in Connecticut with your switch to a different retail electric provider, consumers can also get tons of benefits from more competitive services coming from these providers, better technical support, and affordable payment plans. Not only that, Connecticut consumers now have the power to select electric providers that retail electricity coming from clean alternative energy sources. 

Getting Cheap Electric Rates in Connecticut
As mentioned earlier, the key to getting cheap electric rates in Connecticut is to switch retail electric providers. You can start by comparing the electric rates and services that these providers offer you. Some may offer a personalized billing plan and this should be one of your major considerations before selecting a provider. You can also find out where theelectricity is produced or whether the source is coming from an alternative energy plant.

In a deregulated energy market, switching electric providers is 100% legal, free and with no extra charges – primary reason why many people and businesses are making this switch. You can get a good listing of electricity providers in your area by going online and searching for government approved providers as the listings provided by the State Department of Public Utility Control. You can then have a quick assessment of what rates in terms of price per kilowatt hour, services and terms these suppliers offer.

Getting cheap electric rates in Connecticut have never been better, and you actually have full control of the retail electricity provider. Learn what they have to offer, how competitive their rates are and the kind of extra services and perks they can give that others do not – and gain lots of benefits in the long run.