Carbondale electricity rates and electricity suppliers

Compare electricity rates and electricity suppliers in Carbondale. PECO has a longstanding record of providing reliable electricity to its customers. The deregulation policy that has been rolled out ensures that the customer has the option of choosing electricity suppliers whose supply charges are lower then that of PECO. The customer can get the best services that result in electric savings, thereby reducing the charges for energy. To get started simply select your state and utility below.

Carbondale electricity rates and Carbondale electricity providers

Is there a fee to switch electricity suppliers?
No, there is no fee to switch suppliers.

What is the difference between an electricity supplier and my current utility?
Alternative electricity providers buy electricity from the companies who generate it, then sell that electricity to general consumers. Your utility’s responsibility includes managing power lines, poles and other infrastructure to get the electricity safely and reliably to homes and businesses. If you don’t choose an alternative electricity provider you may be paying a higher rate to your utility.