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Why are prices not displayed? 
We do not display prices because different businesses have different needs. We will work with you to customize an electricity plan that best meets the needs for your business. Whether you are looking for plans with competitive rates, select term (6-60 months), fixed / MCPE plan or renewable energy plans, we will work with you to customize an electricity plan that’s right for you.

To expedite the free quote you could complete the Letter of Authorization and fax it along with you recent electricity bill to 

1-877-686-2566 or email scanned copies to The Letter of Authorization only gives us authorization to review your historical usage and helps us give you the best electricity quote.

Business Electricity Choice

In an economic era in which saving money has become the biggest priority for businesses, many of them often overlook just how much having the most competitive energy plan can save them yearly. Although companies rarely make their offers available to the general public, many Retail Electric Providers (REPs) offer very low rates, flexible plans, and fixed-rate contracts that can turn into thousands of dollars in savings per year.

REPs often offer three or four-year plans which could be extremely beneficial, based on the ever-changing rates in energy, but it could also mean the potential to miss out on better, more aggressive savings down the road. It is recommended to only agree to a two-year plan because—as volatile as energy prices can be, they typically remain relatively the same every year and if they go down, you won’t be as negatively impacted.

Make sure that you remember when your contract will expire. When our they do, REPs roll our plans over to a variable-rate service; which is not always the best option for business owners as the energy rates can become extremely high. Depending upon your energy usage, you can see an increase on your bill of over 50% per month for as long as you remain on a variable-rate plan. It is extremely important that you start looking for another plan with either your current REP or another one at least 30 days before your contract expires.

Also consider the Early Termination Fees (ETFs) that are often linked to fixed-rate plans. Depending upon the energy rate, the length of your plan, and your usage, these ETFs can be extremely high. Therefore, always consider a fixed-rate plan based on your needs. Consider how long your current lease will last, whether or not you plan to expand your business hours, add more equipment or increase/decrease productivity to ensure that should you need to end your energy plan ahead of schedule, you won’t have to pay and astronomical fee.

Whether you are looking for additional funds to expand your operations or simply enjoy more savings, do not take your utility services for granted. Business owners, who remain on top of their energy consumption and have locked a competitive fixed-rate plan, can enjoy significant savings every year; which could turn into a family vacation, employee raises, open a second location or upgrade their current equipment.

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