Compare Electricity and Gas rates

Compare electricity and gas rates for your home and business. Find cheap electricity and gas rates from several electricity and gas providers.

Compare Energy Rates for your Home

Energy deregulation has been in place for several years however there are still a lot of people who are confused or who have not fully understand the implications, structure, details and workings of energy deregulation. Many simply know that energy deregulation means people now have the power to choose their electric companies – a diversion from the previous system where a single utility company provides services for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Compare Energy Rates for your Business

Businesses spend several thousand dollars in energy expenses. Deregulation allows consumers to compare and shop their electricity providers for their businesses. Thus a business could save up to 30% on their energy costs by simply switching their energy plan to a different provider and or by simply changing their energy plan.


Compare and shop for cheap electricity and gas rates

  • Use your power to choose the best electricity and gas rates
  • Find the lowest electricity and gas offers from several electricity and gas companies in your area
  • Compare energy rates and save


In 1997, Green Mountain was founded with the mission to change the way power is made. Over a decade later, we remain 100% committed to this mission. From electricity products made using clean, renewable sources like wind to carbon offset products that help neutralize carbon emissions, every single product offered by our company has an environmental benefit. This makes Green Mountain the leading competitive retail electricity provider in the nation that's dedicated to cleaner energy – a distinction we're quite proud of!

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